Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Can't Stand Fry's

No, not the kind that you supersize in the drive-thru, I am talking the mega-electronic store. I went there today to get a memory card for my new digital camera (old card just won't hold enough to support my habit). So, they had a 2GB card on sale for $25, so I thought it was worth it to take the trip, and it was, but when is too much too much? If you have never been to one of these places, let me explain, it is like the Wal-Mart of Electronic Stores, it is so big that they actually have a cafeteria in the middle of it so that you can refuel while walking from one side to the other. The sign says it is an electronics store, but it is oh so much more. They have vacuums, hair products, computer games, and the appropriate furniture to comfortably use all of these things. That is complaint number one, it is just too big. Because they are enormous, their sales people stand under big signs for each department and while they will help you in that specific department, don't ask the guy walking by with the name tag to help you, he will just point you to the sign for that department so that you can get help. So, I finally found the appropriate sales person and asked about the memory card, yes they have it and it is indeed $25 and will fit in my new camera, but that is just the beginning! I have to take the computer printout up to the front where their is a line (with snacks on the sides, mind you) and wait for the next available cashier, no problem, right. Wrong, you have to constantly look back and forth for the little green light to go on at one of the 20+ registers. I see the light go on and I make my way to cashier number 17 (who has to wear slacks and a tie, no less) who then takes my full size printout to the cage behind him where I assume Milton from office space finds the appropriate location of the memory card and brings it to the nursery door in exchange for the printout. So I finally am able to head out with my memory card, only to be stopped at the door for them to check my receipt to make sure I was legit, all for a $25 memory card!!!! I can't imagine what they do for something that costs $1,000! This is not my first experience at Fry's (you can't imagine what it takes to return something, I think it is easier to re-deposit your first born child), but I thought it would be a good topic to kick off this blog thing!


Tessie said...

So, you have a blog THIS IS AWESOME. If only all my friends had blogs I would never have to talk on the phone again!

But, dude, you said "slacks". Um, no.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Kind of like IKEA, but on a much more expensive scale.