Monday, December 12, 2011


"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." ~Steven Furtick~ (Pastor of Elevation Church)

Something that has really been on my heart lately...I know I haven't written on this blog in FOREVER...I mainly post on my blog. But that is for cleaning and tips, not deep stuff.

A friend of mine recently underwent plastic surgery, a mommy makeover actually. This is not the first friend that I have had do this, nor do I think there is anything wrong with at all. Actually...I have considered having a couple of things improved myself. Then I saw this quote and how true it is.

Women are especially bad at it, and this worst part, is we don't really understand what we are comparing ourselves to. For example, women and body age old issue. These days, if you are comparing yourself to another woman, especially one that you don't know very well, I would tap the brakes! You really shouldn't do it all, but you could more than likely be comparing yourself to something manufactured, not even a "better" gene pool! Don't beat yourself up comparing yourself to other people. Dwell on this quote, something I totally agree with and have said before in a much less eloquent way. The funny thing is, those people you are comparing yourself with, have issues too. I have actually had friends make comments that indicated such as they prepared to go under the knife, comments like "I have to have surgery to be like..."

Be proud of who God made you and what He has done for you. Don't insult your creator by critiquing his creation. As my wise daughter said, "Mommy, you don't have to do those decorations just because other people have them" A different situation, but same principle. I am not saying don't have plastic surgery at is your body and like I said, I have contemplated it myself. But don't do it to look like someone else or to compare yourself to someone else. It is all about your mindset!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Daddy

My husband is an amazing father and husband. The first week of February we got a major ice/snow storm and I HAD to be at my office. He was home all week with the kids by himself and then I went away on my annual scrapbook retreat for the entire weekend. When I got back, the kids were not only on their best behavior, but I came home to a clean house, and projects done, Not only had he cleaned the house, done all of the laundry, changed the sheets, he had also installed my scrapbook room tv, installed a light in the study and was excited to see me! I have such an amazing husband! Thank you God for that gift!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Anatomy of a Fit

Linus has been getting up a LOT at night and it is about to drive me batty. The other night he woke up so many times that we had to finally lock him in his room to keep him safe. He was not really appreciative of that and let us know! He threw a fit for 45 minutes at 2 am, it was amazing! It went a little something like this:

Jiggle door handle and cry
Start pounding on door
Scream louder
Cry for Mommy
Lie and say "I need to go Potty"
Kick door
Jiggle door handle and scream louder
Get quiet to see if that will work
Didn't work...scream louder
Throw train set on floor
Scream some more
Finally go to sleep

I can't believe it, but SD never once woke up during his entire tirade!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preschool Love

So SD has had a crush on this little boy in her class since the beginning. He is Puerto Rican I think and he is adorable. She made him a heart for Valentine's Day (without prompting I might add) and it made it in her school bag today. When I dropped her off at school, she remembered she had it for him. So she went and got it to give to him. When she did you should have seen his face, his eyes were as big as saucers. Her teacher and I were cracking up! His friend was sitting next to him just looking at him and his little cheeks started turning red. It was so cute! SD thought it was totally normal and was not the least bit embarrassed by it! She is such a sweet and caring girl.

I told his mom about it and she was laughing, she can't wait to ask him about it after school!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All dolled up...

I like to look cute most of the time, granted there are plenty of times I am slummin' it. But there are two times that I like to look cute which for most people is an afterthought. When do you think that is? Sleeping and at the Gym. I had a friend say about a shirt she didn't really like..."Oh, I can wear that to the gym or sleep in it." Oh no...not this girl. I love buying cute gym clothes and lately I am completely obsessed with cute PJs. So, what are your fashion rules for these places?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Affirmative Action

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about searching for a coach for a local sports team and the Rooney Rule. Evidently each team must interview a minority coach before making a selection. It got me thinking about Affirmative Action and this rule. I think that the thinking behind both of these were to help minorities get the recognition that they need. The problem is that I don't think that is how they are used. It seems that this is just to satisfy a requirement so that they can make the hire, or let the student in that they want. Being a white female, I have never been on the other end of this rule or decision. I would think though, that I wouldn't want to be there just to satisfy a requirement. I would want them to put on colorless classes and look at my skills and merit and hire me or admit me to the school because of that. I wouldn't want to be a "have to" I want to be a "want to!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Boys like Bad Stuff

SD's little "boyfriend" had a birthday party last weekend. We take this little boy to school once a week and they have known each other since they were one! His mom was telling me that his birthday party was hot wheels and she just couldn't bring herself to invite SD to such a boy party, but he had requested to go to Chuck E Cheese for a celebratory lunch and had chosen to take SD as his one it was a date :)

We went to Wal-Mart to get him a present and I let SD pick it out. She said that he loved dinosaurs and we needed to get him a dinosaur with a volcano, because that is what dinosaurs like. So we found him a little puzzle of a dinosaur with a volcano in the background...the perfect gift. As we were driving home, we were talking about the present and here is the conversation:

SD - He also likes bad stuff.

Me - Bad Stuff? What do you mean by bad stuff?

SD - Well, he likes Star Wars and Batman

Me - Baby...boys just like things that are different, it doesn't mean that they are bad! little girly girl! Her future husband better be ready to put up with some serious Ms. Priss!