Monday, October 29, 2007

Body Hair

This came to me this weekend and I was driving around. Here are my random thoughts on body hair. There are a lot of people who have body hair in unwanted places. I am one of these people. Let me explain, I am whitey mc-whiterson and my hair is dark, dark, dark. That being said, if it pops out of my skin, it is obvious, think black against a white background. I take special care to alleviate this, like waxing and bleaching etc. I can totally empathize with people who have unwanted hair (random chin hairs, mole hairs, hairy legs, etc). This is one thing that I don't understand though, why in the world would you was your eyebrows completely off to have to go back EVERY DAY and create eyebrows with a pencil. That just seems pointless and like a total waste of time to me. Not to mention, it does not look real or natural, not even close! It looks crazy and clown-like. Now, I do understand if you have to add color to your existing eyebrows to help them show up, or stand out. But under NO circumstances should you totally rip them off!!!! You can pluck or wax or do the special twisty hair treatment to groom them into place. Please, stop torturing your eyebrows by repeatedly ripping them off and then taunting them with pencil! Please, STOP!


The MAN Fan Club said...

I was nearly a unibrow in high school so I had to shave down the middle. I also use a number 3 guard to thin mine out.

I just wish I could con my wife into shaving my back on a regular basis. I just don't like monkey hair on my back. I'd hate for a few stray seeds to get caught in them and next thing you know I'm harvesting fruit.

Woz said...

I am very anti-hair. Not in the shaving my legs sense like you are....but if I see hair laying on a desk, stuck to the seat of a car, etc., I am GROSSED OUT!! And the worst part is....I'm that way even if its MINE! I know...I'm weird. But I HATE HATE HATE seeing disgusting hair laying around on tables and stuff. BLAH!

Also, you should check into IPL. It takes 4 to 6 sessions and after that, the hair is gone FOREVER! I've done it for a large portion of the bikini area....and WAHLAH! hair is gone FOREVER! No more ever having to worry abut some random embarrasing black pube sticking out of the side of a bikini! I'm very pleased with the results. :-)