Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hubby Bragging

I just wanted to brad on my hubby for a little bit! As a disclaimer, he has his faults, but his good qualities definitely outweigh those by a mile! He is going through a career change right now and it is hard on our family. Not because anything has happened bad or anything, it is just change and as two accountants, change is not something we handle all that well. God has totally prepared us for this change though, which is awesome. We moved to be closer to his family, and didn't think all that much of it, but hind sight is 20/20. He decided to go into Real Estate and the market we used to be in, is kind of flooded not only with Real Estate agents, but real estate! In a "down market" I wouldn't think this would be a good thing for someone just starting out. How does this tie in, well, he has done an amazing job with our finances. He has been giving, but conservative and this has allowed us to make this change together. It also let me make a job change this past summer, to a job that I absolutely LOVE! We are not strapped for cash, although our budget is VERY tight right now! We are not in danger of losing our house, or not being able to afford our house. We are able to have Christmas (we are skipping ourselves this year though) and to not really stress about it. He is making sacrifices so that SD and I don't have to feel the effects as much as he does. He is also a "do-er" and his love language is definitely acts of service. I had been complaining about how cold our bathroom is in the mornings (it is all tile) and he brought in a little heater from the garage for me to use. Not only that, but he has been pre-heating the bathroom for me every morning, it is divine! He is a bear, or at least he has bear like qualities and likes everything barely on this side of freezing. In the winter, he loves to sleep with the windows open and the fan on turbo. I got all stopped up the other night after the fan had been on turbo, so he has kindly turned it down to medium for me! Some might say that he is doing all of this so that I will stop complaining, but I truly believe that he is doing it to show me he loves me!


Tessie said...

I like things freezing too.

I was just thinking today I should write something about how awesome BR is on my blog today. NAH. Hehe.

Becca in Texas said...

Can you get him to tell my Love how to do stop snoring? If he can teach him that I will be your favorite fan! You know guys only listen to guys, right?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Our thermometer is set at 65 at night and I still wake up sweating. The kids are probably freezing though.