Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pretty in Pink

We started painting SD's room this weekend. BG had to patch lots of holes and take out nails, etc. that were left in the walls. The walls really needed to be painted, and it already looks so much better. After he patched everything, we primed the entire room. BG said this was necessary since it is an older house and there were lots of patches. We are even painting ALL of the trim, fun times, so the whole room got a good priming. We got that finished on Saturday while SD took a great nap. Then on Sunday we started painting. SD tried to help a little, it was pretty funny, she only got a little paint on her! Unfortunately SD did not take a very good nap, but we finally got it finished, well the walls at least. And it is PINK!! The trim is not done yet, but I guess that will be this weekend's project. Here are some before and after pics for your enjoyment! The trim and doors (which are almost done) are going to be a brown color. I will post the final pics when we are done with it (I still have to modify the curtains and make the bedskirt, not to mention hang all of the cute cowgirl stuff we have gotten!).
The Before Shots
Isn't the picture window beautiful! I need to hang some bird feeders so SD can watch the birds, she loves them!
The priming, looks a little sterile doesn't it
The most professional painter:
Complete with her mini-me water bottle around her neck.
And so the pink begins...

Oh, and during this process, we decided that when SD moves over to her big girl room, we will paint Linus' room. We are going to do the same brown trim and paint the room some shade of blue instead of pink! I will keep you updated on that!!!

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Tessie said...

I love those colors! That is going to be so cute!