Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tidbits on a Tuesday

I meant to publish this yesterday, but I forgot, so here it is!
  • I got a new couch for my b-day! How exciting is that!!! (shows how old I am to get excited about a couch) It was delivered yesterday (tuesday) and I couldn't wait to get home and see it. What do you think?

When we moved into our new house (in May) it had a 2nd living room. Until now, we had BG's cousin's furniture until they moved into their new house. Until yesterday, we just had an empty room, now we have a sleeper sofa for guests since Linus will take up our spare bedroom. We still have to get other furniture for the room, but hey, it is a start! I can see the potential!

  • Jury Duty - I had jury duty last week and was intent on helping Tessie with her survey but my pool of was not very good! Seriously, about 90% of the people had NOTHING to read! Good thing that we didn't have to stay that long. A pool of 15 jurors got selected to do a survey and return the next day. About 60 people (including yours truly) got selected to be on the reserve jury, which could have had to wait ALL day to find out they weren't needed. Thankfully, we were released after about an hour. Sorry Tess!
  • We have decide on only having two kids of our own. This does not mean that we will only have two kids in our life. We decided that if we really want a third, we will adopt! This is something that we have both felt strongly about, especially me since my mom was adopted! Yea! No more being pregnant for me. My desire to have three was not enough (in my opinion) to push us forward to have three of our own. I don't feel not done or sad or any of those type feelings, so I think that we made the right decision.
  • Linus's name will be changing soon! I will probably still call him Linus on my blog, for security reasons and all! We are telling our family and friends tomorrow! For our parents we hid the letters of his name under chocolates in a box of V-day candy and they have to unscramble them.

I think that is it for this "Tuesday" post. I have one for today as well, but it is still in the works!


Tessie said...

What is WITH people not bringing anything to do? Don't they KNOW how boring it's going to be? Ah well.

I can't wait to hear about Linus!

Erin said...

Tess - My sentiments exactly!!!! I got through most of my book, In Her Shoes, a good read.

Becca in Texas said...

I cannot wait until tomorrow! Since we have absolutely no Valentine celebration at our house, your announcement will be the highlight of my day. My sister finds out what she is having in 2 more weeks. I can't wait. But if its a girl its Sarah and a boys is Caleb. So now I just need the details =)

Tessie said...

I've read In Her Shoes. If you like Jennifer Weiner, you HAVE to read Little Earthquakes. It's about having her daughter.

Sunshine said...

please e-mail me and let me know his name! i'm so excited for you =)