Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Potpouri

Pregnancy Update:
  • I gained 6 more pounds, yuck!, still only at 32 pounds which is about half of what I gained with SD
  • I got my letter from the doctor to fly to my friend's wedding in late April (did you know that you have to have a letter if you are going to try and fly within a month of your due date, and if within 7 days, you have to be approved by the airlines special assistance person?) They will not let you fly for over 5 hours, which is probably smart, good for me that I am just flying to Baton Rouge for a night, should be fun times with the girlfriends!
  • We are officially scheduled for the 20th of May!! I even got a confirmation letter in the mail
  • I am entering the yucky part of pregnancy, I am starting to swell and my hip sockets are really hurting, oh well, it is almost over!!
  • I am desperate to run right now, I can't wait until I can!!! It will be hard since I haven't run in a while, but it will be good, I am going to try and run the SA half marathon as motivator

Texas Storms

  • We got a HUGE storm the other night, a friend said it was similar to a Cat 1 for about 30 minutes
  • Where I live, they were actually sounding the tornado sirens, because we had straight line winds
  • I signed up for a service through our city that alerts me, via text messages, of what is going on, I really like it!
  • SD slept through the entire thing! Which is amazing because BG even woke up because of the storm and SD wakes up when our dog barks.
  • We lost power for about an hour, and we even heard the transformer blow, it was pretty crazy
  • I like Texas Thunderstorms, they are soothing to me, I love the sound of rain and being tucked in bed while it is dark and stormy outside. It is weird living in the metroplex and having tornado warnings and watches, something we never had in SA


Tessie said...

When I told BR you were coming to the wedding, the FIRST thing he asked is if you were allowed to do that! What a weirdo! DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT DUDE!

I'm not going to be happy if we end up delivering Linus in the rental car though.

Becca in Texas said...

Yes please no delivering Linus in a rental car, but wow that will be fun. You need to do something to take your mind off being pregnant! You are doing so great with the weight gain.

The storms are annoying because no one takes the sirens seriously. We took cover but why I ask??? It dont think we needed to, but you either risk dying or end up feeling stupid crouched in a closet having no idea what is happening.