Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Panic Matt

Not sure where that title came from, probably some movie line that BG quotes.

Well, I am officially in panic mode, not as bad as I normally am, but still. I woke up yesterday morning around 3 am thinking, "Oh My, I am having a baby in 6 weeks." Of course, all of the things that I want to get done by that time started running through my head. Then I started worrying how SD was going to handle it and who was going to watch her. How often will she come up to the hospital, will I be able to handle two at once? I shouldn't worry, in my deepest of deeps, I believe that it is a sin, and a sign that I do not trust God. Although I know that, that is how I am wired and I am working on it, but I am a work in progress!

So, here is my to do list before Linus arrives:
1. Repaint his room (BG and I talked about this yesterday morning, and my loving husband went out and bought the paint) I think that it will be easiest to do now since there is not a person in that room and we don't have to worry about as many logistics.
2. Finish SD's stocking. My goal is to have this done to send home with my mom after she is here. I have Linus' done since I originally did it for SD, so they both will have stockings this Christmas (it takes a while for them to do the backing on it, so the sooner I have it done, the better)
3. Clean out the playroom closet (I want to do this because it is very cluttered right now and we have space to put some stuff elsewhere)
4. Get down the bassinet (BG did not want to do this last time I was in the attic because he thought it was too early, so now it is worrying me)
5. Pack the diaper bag to go to the hospital, just in case I go early
6. Get caught up on some serious scrapbooking, it would be nice to have more done than I have now

Oh, and the one that isn't so much at the forefront of my mind, but would be nice, is to have everything at work squared away so I don't feel like I am leaving them hanging while I am gone for 8 weeks.

The good news, is I have actually gotten a lot done in the past month to prepare:
1. SD's stocking is about 60%+ done, I worked on it alot over Easter
2. I ordered and received Linus' baby book
3. I have washed and hung/folded all of Linus' clothes, he already has a ton
4. SD is in her big girl room and loving it! And her bedding is all done
5. I have trained the two new people at work, so they are at least taking some of my stuff over, which is allowing me to get the other stuff done I need to with our accounting system.

So, I shouldn't worry, right?


Tessie said...

Why are you repainting his room? Did I miss that?

You are doing great!

Erin said...

We are repainting his room because it needs to be repainted anyway, so we figured we might as well change the color. BG HATES painting, so the less often we have to do it, the better.

Becca in Texas said...

I guess I cannot tell you not to worry. See my post for today. I hope that you can get some things done so you feel more at peace!