Thursday, October 2, 2008

Running with the Pack

This morning I took my two dogs on the run with me. BG had a meeting to get to and since my mom is in town, I could leave the kids with her and let my dogs get some exercise. I have not run with my dogs in probably close to a year for a couple of reasons. I used to run with them all of the time, but it got really hard to have their leash and push the jog stroller. When they would run off, the stroller would go the opposite way, it was really annoying. Not only that, but I found myself getting really frustrated with them and yelling at them, not something I really wanted SD to pick up on or start her day with. They were both so excited to get to go this morning that they were on their best behavior and it was actually pretty enjoyable. I was reminded how different of runners they are though, so I decided that you would want to know that as well.

  • Reagan is a black lab mix, and our second dog
  • She is an alpha male, even though she is a girl and totally relaxed
  • She pees on EVERYTHING and it seems like her bladder is the size of a tanker truck, she can pee every 100 yards and continue to do so for about 4 miles
  • She is a wanderer, she just bounces all over the place


  • Roscoe is our terrier mix and our first dog
  • He is a very focused runner, he just looks ahead and trots with purpose
  • He gets very annoyed that Reagan wants to pee on everything and slow him down

So, there you go! Those are my mutts that I love dearly and who will probably be totally worn out today now that I took them on a jog!

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