Monday, November 24, 2008

Pet Peeve

One of my biggest Pet Peeves is starting to go to church after you have kids because you want that for them. I just realized, that the issue is not necessarily going to church, but the real root of this pet peeve is wanting things for your kids, but not for yourself. Then I realized, I was SOOOO guilty of committing this pet peeve! I couldn't believe it! Let me explain...

The reason I realized this is because I was re-reading Super Baby Food to get ready for Linus' debut into the real food world. I love this book and it is super easy to make baby food. So, in typical Erin-fashion, I sat down with my book, paper and pen so that I could start writing down my grocery list and what I needed to do. I got all excited about how healthy he was going to eat, etc, etc. Then I started thinking about my own eating habits, umm let's just not talk about the 5 mini-cookies that I ate today. The best way to influence your kids is to live by example. So, watch out BG, radical change is coming to our house! We will be living by example, I will do it slowly but surely so that we aren't thrown so off course that we fall off the wagon in no time. There is no reason to have all the crap that is sold in the supermarket today! I will be relying on my friend Erin to give me some great tips and recipes!

The other thing that made me realize this is that the one thing I really want for my kids is for them to be confident in who they are in Christ. Ummm, Erin, live by example!

So, are you guilty of committing any of your pet peeves?

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The MAN Fan Club said...

I get the good healthy bread for myself and give the elcheapo white bread tot he kids.