Friday, December 5, 2008

The Local Rec Center

I started about doing posts on being frugal, not cheap, but resourceful. Then I went to my friend Erin's blog and saw that there is a frugal friday series of posts, so it will fit in perfectly!

I really wanted to get SD involved in some sort of activity outside the home since she is there pretty much all of the time with my MIL or us! I looked into gymnastics, but it was too much for my tight budget, to the tune of $30 a month! For a 2 year old! My friend told me to look at the rec centers. We live in an area that has multiple suburbs, so there are a lot of possibilities to chose from. She told me of one that is in a suburb next to mine, so I looked into it. They had a "Holiday Class" that was only 5 weeks long. I thought it would be the perfect time to try it out and see if SD liked it since it was not too long of a commitment, time or money. So we went to sign up and it cost $16!! And that is with an extra $2 since I am a non-resident. My city's rec center has them as well, but they don't start until age 3.

SD has loved doing it! She cried a little the first two times, but now, she runs over to the teacher. So for $16, she got 5 lessons, learned some gymnastics, learned how to listen to instructions and met some new friends!

The first class we didn't have any leotards, but we have since inherited some! Thanks Lins!!

Go check out some more ideas!

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