Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meet Peppie

Meet Peppie the Rat. No, we did not name him, that is the name on his tag. How did Peppie come to our house? Well, that is a funny story!

While we were in San Antonio, we did a little shopping. We were in a little gift shop that has the most wonderful fudge! While we were busy picking our fudge, SD was looking at all of the animals and she picked up a RAT, Peppie the Rat to be precise. My mom said she could have it if she wanted, so we let her hold on to it. As we got near the counter, we saw some cute stuffed snowmen. We thought that if given the choice, she would certainly pick the adorable snowmen. Oh how wrong we were! She choose the rat! The best part is that she didn't put it down the rest of the time down there and still carries it around and it sleeps with her. It also likes to play with her dollhouse as you can see below!

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