Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clean Floors

So Linus is crawling all over the place these days, the only problem is that his knees and feet are always dirty, like caked on nasty black dirty that takes more than one wipee to get off dirty! I don't understand! You see, I clean my floors twice a week, (Tuesday & Saturday if you care) so I can't imagine that there is that much dirt on my floors. I was talking to my mother in law over the weekend (more on why we were at their house later) and she asked if my mop water was dirty when I finished mopping. I guess you are supposed to mop until the water isn't dirty anymore. But, I can't base it on that, because I dry mop, or I guess damp mop. I have hard wood floors, and I use a spray bottle with Murphy's Oil diluted in water and a dust mop. So then she asked me if my mop was dirty when I was done. Well, of course it is, I just mopped the floors. So we started talking about how their must be a film on there or something. See, I used to mop with vineagar and water, because that is how I thougth you took care of wood floors. I got really unhappy with the ways my floors were looking, it seemed like they had a hazy film on them. So I tured to my good friend, the internet, and did some searching. I read that cleaning with vinegar and water did just that, leave a film on your floors. They said the best way to clean your wood floors was Murphy's soap diluted with water. I have been doing that for a while now, but have decided that my floors must have layers of something on them that keeps Linus' feet dirty. So this week, I have resolved to clean my floors every night to see if I can get to the bottom of it! So last night, was night two, we will see if they are any better next week and poor little Linus can hopefully have clean feet!

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