Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Out of that Funk

I have been in a little bit of a funk lately, and I am not alone. I have now had 3 friends reveal to me their funk, actually I told one of them that they gave it to me :) I have not really wanted to do anything. I haven't been cleaning like I used to, not really scrapbooking, not enjoying my family as much as I should and not working out or eating right. I have just kind of been stumbling along, doing what has to be done and that is it. It is such a downward spiral, because the day I don't work out, then I don't feel like eating healthy and don't feel like picking up or making the house look nice, so then I just lay around and do nothing.

A friend of mine was talking about working out and her body and she said something that totally stuck with me. She said that she does it because we are called to keep our bodies as the temples that they are. Which means sometimes we have to obey even when we don't feel like it. I took her advice the other day and went running because I knew that I needed it, but I tried to find every excuse in the book so I wouldn't have to. Once out there, I took off my iPod and just listened to the amazing sound of a brisk fall morning. I could hear the the creek flowing from all the rain, the cool air invigorated my lungs and the sun rising pleased my eyes. All of my senses were awake and rejuvenated.

I realized that Satan had totally been trying to keep me from this. You see, my runs are a time of reflection and when I do a lot of my figuring out. God and I talk and He guides me during this time. This is the time of my day that I feel the most clear and ready to tackle it all. Satan wants to steal that from me, because that takes me out of the game, makes me ineffective. But he will not steal that time from me, God has helped me reclaim that time with Him and that makes everything better!

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