Friday, November 27, 2009

Look Mom, I Found Sand

This summer we went on a mini-vacation to Port Aransas. This was our first trip as a family and pretty much the first real trip we have taken since having kids. Thankfully, my parents live in between the metroplex and the coast, so we got to make a pit stop there. They were also able to come with us along with my sister. It was great having all of the extra helps and it brought back tons of great memories for me, since that is where we vacationed every summer of my childhood.

The kids LOVED the beach. Linus had no problems crawling around on the sand or in the water. SD was in heaven. BG took her out in the waves and she giggled the entire time.

One afternoon, as we were sitting on the beach, she was playing with our family friend in the shallow water. She came running back to me with a handful of sand and said, "Look mom, I found Sand." It was so funny because she said it with such enthusiasm and like she had discovered something new, never mind that she was walking on that very discovery!

Kids are funny!

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