Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seasonal Kids Flatware

So, I had a blog idea for everyday last week ready to go, but my follow-thru really needs some attention. Hopefully I will get to those blogs, because I think they are worthy of writing about. Anyway, today's topic is totally on a whim!

I had to go to Target today, I know don't feel too sorry for me, to pick up a birthday present. Of course, I came home with way more than a birthday present (side note, they have the cutest little girl dresses for $8 and seeing that is pretty much all SD will wear, I got a couple). The thing that sucks me in every time is the dollar aisle. They have the cutest stuff and you think, it is only a dollar, why not? My problem is that it is never just one item. Take today for example...in the dollar aisle we got, heart ice cube trays, valentines slippers for SD, and a set of silverware for each kid. They also had matching plates and bowls, but our storage for those items is limited right now, so until some of the ones we have no longer are functional, we are stuck!

The thing that I love the most is their dinnerware! They always have seasonal fork/spoon sets, divided plates (an obsession I don't have time to go into now) and bowls. The silverware is actually pretty well made, but really at a dollar who cares. The plates, although they say not to put in dishwasher, survive very well in the dishwasher and microwave for quite a long time. They do start to warp after a while, but again, they were a dollar! And the little bowls are the perfect size for the kids breakfast.

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Just Jackie said...

I like that Dollar Spot, too, but ugh -- it's all Made In China! I can't do it anymore....