Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clothes Horse

I was looking at my closet the other morning trying to decide what to wear, when I realized that I have a TON of clothes. I did a clothing audit, as any good accountant would do and found that I had the following:

27 Sleeveless Shirts

42 Short Sleeve Shirts

4 Cropped Sweaters

26 3/4 sleeve shirts

4 3/4 sleeve sweaters

27 long sleeve shirts

5 jackets

18 sweaters

26 dresses

13 pairs of jeans

19 pairs of dress pants/slacks

6 pairs of capri pants

6 pairs of winter pants

21 skirts

3 pair of bermuda shorts

Mind you...this is ONLY what is hanging in my closet. This does not count my drawers of t-shirts, workout clothes or

Here are pics of my overstuffed closet

My goal is to wear every piece of clothing in my closet (season appropriate of course) before wearing it again. It is going to be hard, but if I don't wear it, I shouldn't have it!

I have cleaned out my closet since I performed this audit and gave it to a friend who has lost a bunch of weight, but couldn't go out and buy a new wardrobe, so that made me feel great! And I have been reading the Science of Sexy and getting rid of clothes that don't work with my shape/body type.

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