Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Activities

SD has gotten to do some fun summer activities through her school. Last week she went to space camp and learned all about space, planets, stars, etc. This week she has been going to VBS at her school. I always had such fond memories of VBS at my church growing up that I was really excited to send her. The cool thing about it is that it also has a space theme, so back to back, she is learning about space and who created it! During VBS, they have a theme color each day that all of the kids and volunteers wear. We kind of messed up the first day, but since then have been doing a pretty good job. Today was finally a "girly" color...Purple! The other days we have had to be somewhat creative because SD does not have a ton of primary color shirts. But was a different story! I laid out 5 purple shirts that she could pick from. Is that a problem? I hate to even think of the number of PINK shirts that we have!

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