Monday, September 20, 2010

Project Pandemonium

I love projects, especially craft projects.  The problem is, I almost always buy a new project before I finish the last one...or the last 8.  Right now, I have a TON of projects, and I mean a ton!  Some I have had on hand for more than a year, some are newer and some are ongoing.  I think I am addicted.  I see great ideas in magazines or on TV and think...I can do that, so I buy the stuff to do it.  Well, effective today, I am officially on restriction from said purchasing activities until I finish ALL of the projects that I currently have in my house.  I do realize that it may mean I have to buy a couple of things to finish off the projects, but that is the only wiggle room I have.  So, in an effort to keep me is the list of projects that I currently have waiting to be finished.

1.  Christmas Countdown Tree (I saw this in a Pottery barn catalog and bought the stuff before last Christmas to make in time for last Christmas...still in the bag)
2.  Fleece Robes for the kids (bought before last winter, intended to be part of their Christmas gifts)
3.  SD's Halloween Costume - Aurora (I just bought this fabric)
4.  Summer dress for SD (was intended to be her outfit for her 4th birthday this past summer)
5.  Summer shorts for SD and Linus (again, intended for this past summer)
6.  Car Seat Organizers (I just bought this and want to try and get them made before we go to SA this Fall/Winter)

1.  Nativity Figures (this will be an ongoing project, I got it this past year for my birthday and I intend to create a set each Christmas so that we can add to the collection, there are about 10 sets)
2.  Christmas Quilt (this is a baby afghan that I have been cross-stitching since BG and I got married, each square represents a year and has something to do with what happened that year, I am a couple of years behind and Christmas isn't stopping anytime soon)
3.  Needlepoint Purse for SD, we got this on clearance the other day, super cute and all PINK, for her to store stuff in

1.  I have an addiction to paper and 24 page workshops.  I host these as often as I can and do them at other times by myself.  It makes it really easy to get scrapbooking done, which is good since I am almost 3 full years behind now.  I recently purchased a bunch of paper packs when CTMH was having their big paper sale, and then again when the new papers came out, so I have 13 workshops that I need to do!
2.  3 years of scrapbooking behind!!!!!
3.  I want to do a book of our town and the places that we go
4.  I also have a scrapbook about me I need to do (from a Bible Study years ago, I did the Bible Study part, just not the scrapbook)
5.  Finish the scrapbook of my childhood pictures for my mom (part of a gift that started 5 years ago, hey...I got the other 3 siblings done, just not mine!)

As for prioritizing...I am trying to do 1-2 scrapbook workshops per week so that I can have them all done before my retreat in February.  I also need to have SD's costume done before Halloween and I would like to have the first round of needlepoint figurines done before my sister's wedding so that I can leave them in SA to be made into figurines before Christmas.

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Day said...

Oh boy, I may finally get my last scrapbooks!!!!