Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cute Little Old People

At church this past Sunday as we were singing, a couple of rows in front of us, we saw the cutest thing, or at least I think it is cute! The older gentlemen were already in the row when their wives walked in. They were settling into the row and immediately he helped her get her coat off, without any prompting. I just thought it was so cute! Not to mention that they held hands the rest of the service.

To me it was a true representation of servant hood. He served her without needing anything back and without being asked. What I assume was one of their grown children and their spouse slid in the row a little while later as well. They were also very cuddly during the service. I can only assume that they say these outward displays of love and tenderness in their home and it influenced their relationship as well.

I hope that SD and Linus witness us serving each other and outward displays of love and affection and it affects their relationships in a positive way!

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