Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bermuda Shorts

My sisters and my mom tell me that I am a boring dresser, well, I am an accountant, that means black pants and a top. Anyway, it seems like it is their quest to update my wardrobe and get me to be fashionable, who am I to complain when mom is buying? So last time they were here, we went shopping and they convinced me to get some Bermuda shorts. I am not 100% sold on them, but I wear them none the less. Last week at the office, there were a couple of us ladies wearing these fashionable pants (see above) and one of the men commented on how it must be culott day! Culottes, those were from the 80's! They are not culottes, they are very different or they would be called culottes. Culottes were more skirt like, flowy almost (see below). While trying to find a picture on the internet, I ran across several sites that sold culottes, most of the time, under the guise of Christian-wear, or modest clothing. They were hideous!! Not only are they hideous, they were all advertised as "almost skirts." Bermuda shorts are more closely fitted and very trendy, my grandmother would probably still wear culottes, but that is about it!
On the topic of the 80's though...My husband and I went to see a movie last week and as we were walking up to the theater, I saw a 14 year old wearing gold metallic heels with leg-warmers over them. First of all, please not again, it just makes me think of jazzercise. Second of all, it was July in Texas, no real need to keep your legs warm, being outside for a nano-second will take care of that!


Tessie said...

Hahaha! CULOTTES! Those are straight grandma, you are right!

And please, you are not a boring dresser. *I* am a boring dresser who buys all her clothes at Old Navy and the kids section at Target.

I was anti-Bermuda because of my height but then I got some Bermuda-type sweats and I'm hooked.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Women cry equal rights, but get away with murder when it comes to dress code in the school system. Many wear what are equivalent to shorts, or should I say "Skorts."

I linked you to my blog so I'll check in often. Don't disappoint and post something only once a month OR I'll drop you like a bad habit.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Wonder Woman said...

I have been looking for nice bermuda shorts for my Brad because his birthday is coming up on Friday. Where can I find nice ones for guys??? Oh the pressure!

I have seen your wardrobe. You are very stylish, even for an accountant! Nothing wrong with neutrals: they are always in style!

Love the 80's rant! July in TX with leg warmers---ohhh what we do for boys and fashion. I confess I wore a key in a big ole hoop in my ear like Janet Jackson. :)

Great entry! And thanks for linking my blog!! I'm *so* flattered!!