Friday, July 6, 2007

More Than Y'All

This was the title of a section in my bible study this morning and when I was running this morning, this thought kept going thru my head. This section of the study was simply a story about the author's encounter at a conference she was leading, in Texas no less. One of the participant's of the conference was telling her that although it might sound mean or rude and she knew it wasn't true, she honestly felt like God loved her "more than Y'all." The author went on to say how she wished she always felt that way and her actions reflected that. Don't you wish you felt that way, or at lease could fake it until you did? I sure do! Wouldn't you be less concerned with pleasing everyone around you to no end, because you knew who your worth comes from? Wouldn't we as Americans have less in CC debt, because we wouldn't be worried about competing with the Joneses and everyone else for that matter? Wouldn't we be nicer to each other because we wouldn't be concerned about making ourselves feel better about who we are and what we do? I don't feel that way, and that is okay, but it is going to be my ambition to fake it until I do. I hope that those of you in my life will see the difference in who I am and maybe it will catch on!


Tessie said...

I'm a "fake it till you make it" girl myself. It works.

Wonder Woman said...

This is kind of neat for advice on how to live life daily. Another fave or mine is: live child-like. Keep hopeful, be adventurous, stay curious, know no as you did when you were kids. I love it. Love you!!