Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks Tess

I have been "tagged" by Tessie to do this meme thing. When I read meme on her blog, all I thought about was my grandmother, but evidently it is a list of some sort and you tag people. So I am supposed to tell you 5 reasons why I blog. Not sure if I can come up with five, but I am gonna try...

1. I started working at a technology company and blogs are everywhere, our CEO even said blogosphere (never even heard this word before), so I wanted to fit in. Not to mention that some of the people I work with are constantly saying, "That's a blog entry"

2. I am absolutely fascinated by blogs. They suck you in and you feel like you really know the person that is writing it even if you couldn't pick them out of a line-up.

3. It is a way to tell a lot of people the same thing without sounding like a broken record.

4. It is a fun way for your friends and family to learn more about you, especially stuff that you might not say in person, but from the keyboard seem perfectly acceptable to discuss.

5. At the heart of the matter, I just want to be cool, now I can say things like, "On my blog" yada-yada.

Hey, I did it, I came up with 5!!! I am so proud of myself, I am going to have a cookie!

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Tessie said...

Hooray, thanks for playing along! I wish I worked somewhere cool where people discuss the "blogosphere". hehe.