Friday, July 27, 2007


Run slowly, run daily, drink moderately and don't eat like a pig. Dr. Ernest van Aaken

I love to run! I know, it sounds crazy, but it is truly something I love to do. It is the time when I think about the day ahead, who I want to be, what I have done and it is when I get the best ideas. Running is not always for positive things, sometimes I have to run, to get rid of my frustrations, to work through some issues, or in the middle of an argument so I don't say something that I will later regret.

My family and friends from High School (maybe even college) think this is pretty funny. Why? Because until the middle of college, I was not what you would call athletic. I was on dance team and sure that made you work hard, but not like a true athlete. You didn't get so hot and sweaty that a shower was imperative before you went anywhere and it did not give me the type of satisfaction that a good long run does.

I think that we were born to run (stop throwing things at me and cursing my name). God designed our bodies to move, not sit behind a desk and stare at a blank screen only to get frustrated and fat. Just think, we used to chase down our food, chase after our kids and that was our only way to get places. Now, we go to the grocery store where everything is displayed for us, heck, you don't even have to do that, you can order your groceries and they come right to your door. Instead of watching our kids and chasing after them, we put them on leashes like they are dogs.

I have done two half-marathons and one full marathon and they are a HUGE sense of accomplisment. I am doing a half this fall with my BF from HS and although the training is starting to push my mileage, I am really excited about it. My husband hates to run, he does it because he knows it is good for him, but he does not enjoy it. SD loves to go running, okay, so she doesn't actually run, but she rides along in the jog-stroller and enjoys every minute of it. I hope that some day, she will be able and willing to run along side me. I hope that I will still be running when I am a grandma and still loving it!


Tessie said...

Well, it is now clear that your blog is ALL ABOUT ME because you are hitting on all my favorite topics this week!

You know I love running, although I'm a listen-to-music and escape type.

I think one of the best things about running is how it welcomes all people regardless of skill and helps people who haven't previously considered themselves "athletic" to see themselves that way.

But dude, if you didn't need a shower after dance team you weren't busting the kind of moves that I was!

Erin said...

It is all about you! I didn't break my sweat barier until I ran the marathon, I just didn't really sweat before that. Or, maybe I wasn't hoochie-dancing like you were!

The MAN Fan Club said...

Don't forget that the main mode of transportation 2000 years ago was our feet. It may be a 40 minute walk between towns or a 30 minute jog. Diabetes probably wasn't a top 5 killer!

carla said...

Yay! I can finally post on your blog!

How could you not have to shower after dance team???? Doing high kicks and jazz routines for an hour and half does not make for a good smelling girl. We didn't have time to shower, so I have totally convinced myself that is why I didn't have a boyfriend in high school!!!

Erin said...

I probably did, but like you said, we didn’t have time. Plus, I didn’t really start sweating until I ran the marathon, even before that all the running I did, I didn’t really sweat. I think I needed to break my sweat barrier.