Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Inch Deep and a Mile Wide

I have been thinking about all of the things that I like to do, okay, I must admit, really I have been feeling stretched thin. Let me explain, I have lots and lots of hobbies! They are pretty much all craft related, except for running and reading, but they are varied. Here is a little history...

I learned how to cross-stitch when I was in elementary school. I think the first thing I did was pretty basic and I am sure my mom has it stored away somewhere. I have done a multitude of projects, but nothing particularly outstanding.

Then, I decided to pick up needle pointing. No one really taught me how, I just started working on a project that my grandmother gave me. I never finished it and have no clue where it is, but I have since done 3 Christmas Stockings and am working on my 4th. A friend of my mom's is really good at this and has given me some good ideas and different stitches. My husband's stocking was first and it was only the basic stuff included with the kit. Then I did mine and it got a little more interesting. Then I did one for my daughter that was really cool and had lots of different stuff in it, but I found another one I liked better for her (more girly). So, I am saving that for our next kid since it is more gender neutral and have started on the one that I found, and it is going to have lots of cool stuff! (Hopefully, it will be finished in time to be hung at Christmas)

In the middle of all that, I learned how to sew. My mom signed me up for a camp at Jo Ann's when I was in Jr. High. I actually made a hideous, and that is an understatement, for Easter one year. I have continued to sew, but have stayed away from clothing, it is too difficult and I always mess it up (I made boxers once with no leg holes). In our last house, I had made almost all of the curtains, table runners, pillows, etc.

And lastly, the hobby that consumes an awful lot of my time is scrapbooking! This is something I truly love. It is so awesome to take all of my pictures and organize them into a history that is preserved for generations to come. I am not extremely creative and my pages are not overly complicated or extravagant, but they are done. The cool thing about scrapbooking is that you can do it for gifts and they are totally personalized. I will admit that I do take this hobby to an extreme, just ask my husband. I created a book of the building of our house, our dogs and now that I have a munchkin, it is out of control! I am blessed to have a room now that I can leave all of my stuff out and not have to drag it out and then pack it back up when I am done.

It seems like the first three of these are becoming a lost art and are not being passed on to future generations. I am hoping that my daughter will be interested in some or all of these things and I will be able to pass on my limited knowledge!


Misty said...

Erin you crack me up... you'll have to bring your work up some day. I want to see it

Tessie said...

I know how to cross-stitch too, even though I haven't done it in forever. Not so much with the sewing, although I think that is an excellent and useful hobby.

I like the title of your post. For me, when I try to do too much stuff (although my limit is much lower than yours), this is how I feel. Like my life is a mile wide with crap but only an inch deep.

Just Jackie said...

I too like the title.
I too am stretched thin...or as I call it "overwhelmed".
I need to be a trust fund baby so I can sew and do stuff all day on my boat while a cabana boy serves me refereshing exotic treats at my beck and call.
*snap back to reality*
It's almost 11 p.m. and there are dishes to do...*sigh*