Monday, August 20, 2007

I am not a Girly Girl

Last week I was talking with a girl at work and commented on her pink phone. She explained that it was the only "girly" thing that she does. I told her that I was not a girly girl either and what did she do, she laughed. Not a little giggle, but a full-out belly laugh! I couldn't believe my ears! I am not a girly girl!!!!

So, to prove my point, I asked a couple of the other ladies at work and they all laughed! How rude! I truly believe that the only reason that they think I am a girly girl, is because I don't wear jeans to work and I wear make-up. (remember, I work at a technology company) Do they have any idea where I came from? My former classmates would be appalled! I used to be a girly-girl, I am not going to lie, but I have come a long way. I still enjoy the occasional pedicure and getting all gussied up on occasion, but overall, I am a pretty low-key girl!

Here is a list of why I don't think I am a girly girl:
1. I am not afraid to get dirty doing yard work, I actually help my husband mow the yard on occasion

2. I love the girls in my husband's family, but to tell you the truth, I would rather hang out with the guys on family occasions (we are all accountants, sad I know) and...

3. I go hunting with my husband, his dad and brother. I dress in camo, have shot 2 deer, don't shower for the whole weekend, etc. (I even did this pregnant)

4. I do not play the damsel in distress, I don't make my husband get the groceries (although I appreciate the help), I don't wimp out moving (I move just as many boxes), etc.

5. I do not take 2 hours to get ready

6. I can fix things if I so desire (I actually fixed the running toilet the other day without even telling him)

7. I am not petty and whiny at work (it is a "man's world" so get over yourself!)

On the other hand, I can see how some people might think I am girly. Here is why, and my defense of the behavior!

1. I wear jewelry every day - I don't take it off, that simple. Plus, it is ingrained in my head that I shouldn't leave the house without it.

2. I wear make-up - I am convinced that once you start wearing it, you never think you look as good without it, plus in my defense, it takes me 5 minutes to put it on, have you noticed that I never have lipstick on, too much trouble.

3. I dress up for work - I have been in the accounting world for way longer than the technology world, I don't own that many pairs of jeans and my "nice" clothes are more comfortable.

4. I have a pink phone - it is way cuter than a boring black phone! Plus, it ensures that my husband does not take it.

5. I carry a purse - where else do you put stuff? Actually, I really should stop this because I barely use any of the stuff that is in it and could get by with one that is much smaller, but you just never know. I don't change my purse to match my outfit or shoes, etc.

Because of this, I am trying to balance out SD as well. For the most part, she wears cute little shorts or pants and shirts, but she does wear dresses to Sunday School. My husband thinks that I actually try to make her too boyish sometimes, just to prove a point. (My sisters, mom and MIL all wish she was in dresses 90% of the time, but it is just not practical) Although, no matter what she is wearing, I try to get a bow in her hair, she just looks so cute with it!

Exhibit A - Cute as a button

Exibit B - Kind of scraggly looking, eventhough she is wearing a dress and carrying a purse!
So all of that being said.... What do you think?


Tessie said...

Dude. When I read the title of your post, I was like "I hope she doesn't think she's talking about HERSELF here." Ha! And then that part where you said you were low-key? That's when I died.

If you are low-key, then I am positively COMATOSE.

I agree, the girliness is relative, but I submit as evidence:

The servers at George's used to name you "High M" on your receipts. And I rest my case.

Erin said...

In my defense, I am less girly now than I was in college! Would you agree?

Misty said...

you might be less girly than you where in college... however that does not mean you are not girly now... which goes without saying i would have hated you in college.

carla said...

I see where you are coming from and granted, being married to your husband has probably brought out more of the "tomboy" (for a lack of better word)side of you, but I think most of us who know you, if asked, would describe you "as a girly girl" first, but then would also acknowledge that you hunt and do yardwork, etc. happily. Your "girly girl" side is just more dominate. There is nothing wrong with that!

But yeah - I second tess on the low-key....its all relative, but come on...really??