Sunday, August 5, 2007

One Door Closes as Another One Opens

We just got back from a celebration at our old church and I have to say, that although it has taken 3 months, I finally feel a sense of closure. We went to celebrate the Children's minister's retirement and it was really good to see everyone, but as we were leaving, I told my husband that I thought I had finally cut the cord. I am not sure why this suddenly came over me, but I guess that it was just time. Maybe it is because we have finally settled into our new life and are really loving it. Maybe it is because we visited an awesome church this morning, and felt like it was a place we could call home. Maybe it is because we are truly blessed to be where we are. Maybe it is because God has opened up a new chapter in our book and He is ready for us to do great things where we are. Who knows why I feel like that door is finally closed, but I am excited about what He has in store for us now!


Tessie said...

Glad you're feeling better! It's hard to move on but I know I've always been glad I did.

Hope you find a new church home soon.

The MAN Fan Club said...

In all honesty you did not really "see everyone." Maybe the lack of showing from our peers helps you to close the door.

Good to see your family though!

Erin said...

Very true. I definitely still have good friends there, but I know that as far as church goes, the door is finally closed there.