Monday, August 6, 2007

Part Two

After posting last night, I realized that I didn't complete my thoughts about our old church. I love our church, it was truly the first place where I understood what it meant to have a church family. They were an integral part of our lives. It was the place that moved us forward spiritually and helped us realize what it meant to have a daily walk. It was the place that we learned how to tithe. It was the place that helped us find our spiritual gifts and talents and put them to use. It was the place where we felt led to serve in many aspects and were blessed immensely by doing so. They are the people who shared the joy when we found out we were pregnant. They are the people that welcomed our daughter into the church family. It was the first place we truly felt connected, served and blessed. It is truly an amazing group of people, both on staff and in the congregation. If you are ever in the McKinney area, you really need to visit.

Not only has it affected our past, but it continues to shape our future. We learned so many lessons there about what it means to truly be a Christian, that we are forever changed. As we are looking for a church close to our new house, we will always compare to our first church home. We will always have those memories and they have played a big part in who we are today.

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Tessie said...

This is a great tribute to your old church! I know you guys will be missed.