Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teen Tramps

Okay, so the title is a little shocking, but oh so true sometimes! I was reading this article today and it got me thinking about this (again!) It is so shocking to see not only what young girls are wearing these days, but the multitude of slutty options out there. The problem comes down to this (at least in my opinion), these girls think that they are being cute and stylish wearing all of these hootchie clothes, but I don't believe that they fully understand the message that they are sending! To make matters even worse, these are the same girls that have been drinking hormone-infused milk that has made their chests over developed and at a much younger age! I even saw a girl at a Baptist Church wearing a skirt much like this article described, it was so short that she barely could walk in it and was so worried about it that she kept pulling it down.

The sad thing is, they even make these clothes for younger girls, even as young as SD (she is 1). We wonder why we hear so many stories about teen pregnancies, rapes, abductions, child molesters. Why is it such a bad thing to be modest? BG and I have decided that we want SD to have strict clothing requirements and we have started already. I know it sounds crazy, because little girls look adorable in bikinis with their cute bellies sticking out (for some reason this is the only time in your life where a belly sticking out is cute) and there is no harm done, but we figure if we are going to do it, then we should do it to the max. This has been kind of hard already because a lot of the really cute swim-suits are bikinis, but so far we have stuck to our guns. My sister thinks this is absurd and we are going to cause her to be changing clothes in the bathroom at school. I hope and pray that this will not be the case, because I think that scenario is more than just a clothing issue. Anyway, that is my rant!

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Tessie said...

Dude, the hormone-infused milk shakes me to my core. I even give AD organic, and you know that's not usually how I roll. Although, chances are she can use all the help she can get in the chest-development department.

I'm still on board with the bikinis, though (FOR BABIES).