Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I love the morning! I know, it sounds crazy, but I have always been a morning person, even in college. My first semester I took 8 am classes, everyone thought I was crazy, but I was done with class before most of the campus even started. Thankfully, both my husband and daughter are morning people as well, so we get to enjoy each other in the morning and not have to worry about someone ruining it by being grumpy.

I get up at 5 so that I am able to do my bible study and run before getting ready for work. Sadly, even though I get up that early, I have a hard time getting to work before 8:30 (usually closer to 9), but I wouldn’t trade my mornings! My husband usually gets up around 5:30 and SD is usually up by 6:30 at the latest, but this morning was different.

I had one of those wonderful mornings this morning. My husband slept until 6:15 and so did SD, so I had a full hour plus of quietness and it was wonderful. I got up, got dressed to go running and went into the kitchen to do my bible study. I grabbed a cup of coffee, sat at the table and enjoyed not being rushed or disturbed. It was so nice to actually sit and be quiet, even the dogs were quiet. It was nice to read the Bible and my study and be able to soak in every word without being distracted by my husband getting his coffee or SD cooing. It was nice to truly sit at His feet and soak it all in. I truly felt like I was blessed and able to hear Him, which I am usually too busy or too distracted to do. What a great start to the day!


Tessie said...

You ARE a morning person! I don't mind getting up early as long as I've had enough sleep. That's why I go to bed at like 9:30 now.

AD wakes up between 5 and 6 every. single. morning. Which isn't so bad during the week since we have to get up anyway, but kind of sucks on the weekends.

carla said...

I wish I had some of your morning person skills! Having the dogs has certainly helped turn me into more of a morning person!

Amy Lynn said...

I would be that Grump Butt you talk about!!!!! I haven't woke up to an alarm in about 11 years with the schedule I keep... although I do wake up to Lukers through the monitor singing bible songs and regergitating all the happenings from the day before. So how could I possibly be grumpy?? Going to bed at 3 or 4 a.m.... yeah that would make anyone grumpy.

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus was a morning person also.