Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back with A Vengeance

I am back, and I am so excited! Back, from where? Well, no where really. What I mean is that I think I am finally back in shape after 15 months! I never expected it would take that long to bounce back after a baby, but it has. I finally fit loosely in my old clothes. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and it didn't even feel like a workout. I am not absolutely exhausted after every workout. I was actually given a compliment from some old co-workers that they think I look better now than before I got pregnant. Now that my cardio is back the the level I want it to be, I can start working on my flab-arms. Not sure how my chicken arms could be flabby, especially since I am constantly lifting and hauling a 25 pound baby around, but they are.

You know though, since I am back to being "myself" the only thing that will rightfully happen is that I will get pregnant and have to start all over! That is just how things happen! No, I am not pregnant, so don't ask or get your hopes up!

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Tessie said...

I think I have the POTENTIAL to look better than I did before I was pregnant, but the motivation is not there at the present time. Well, except for my boobs. Those are Gone Forever, or at least until next time.