Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Creature of Habit

Is anyone else as big of a creature of habit as I am? I was on my way to the bathroom in our office, and realized that it pretty much freaks me out to not go in the same stall that I always go in. I walk to the bathroom the same way every time, even though there are three ways I can get there(well, three different doors to the same hallway). I am thinking of changing stalls though. I chose the middle one the first day I got here, but funny sounds are coming from the drain that is in it, so it might be time for change. My only other options are the handicapped stall (I love these by the way, especially when you have a baby in a stroller, there is room for everyone!) and the one that doesn't work all that well. Any comments?


Tessie said...

That's funny. I always choose the first stall, because I saw on Dateline once that it is the least used, and therefore cleanest.

Loni said...

I read that too, Tess! So I usually go for the first stall as well.