Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Win, Again!

Today is grocery game day and I won like no other! For the first time ever, I actually saved more than I spent! It was like watching a slot machine pay out! The check out girl rang all of my groceries up before scanning my Kroger card and the total was $114. Then she scanned my Kroger card and it paid out around $40, then came the coupons. All in all, I spent $56 and saved $58, not too shabby for a weeks worth of groceries for a family of 3!! Oh, and just for fun, I took pictures of the grocery store that I have created in my own home! Enjoy!
The cleaning supplies

The pantry
The bathroom "aisle"
The paper products (in our closet)


Tessie said...

Yeah, but what if you don't have ROOM for all that stuff? My "pantry" is like 1/3 that size.

Just Jackie said...

You're weird.

Erin said...

You just find places to put stuff. I knew a girl who kept spices in an under the bed box!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

You are the queen! I couldn't make myself keep up with the discipline of the grocery game. I keep saying I'll try again. We'll see.

I just realized we are both real- life friends with BOTH Loni and Becca. How is it that we don't know each other? And that they don't know each other either?