Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Restroom Rantings

I was on my way into the women's restroom (which is right next to the men's) and out of the men's came one of my co-workers and I thought, that is just an odd an uncomfortable meeting. So it got me thinking, what are some other weird restroom situations (don't worry, this is not going to be gross).

  • Coming out of the restroom, only to run into the CEO of your company who suddenly wants to strike up a conversation in the hall directly outside of the restrooms. While carrying on said conversation, multiple co-workers have to walk by to get to the restroom.
  • I used to sit near the restroom when I worked in public accounting. On NUMEROUS occasions, a certain partner would walk into the men's restroom with the Wall Street Journal tucked under his arm, with no shame whatsoever!
  • A guy that I used to work with told me the following true story. He is a devout Aggie and always wore his Aggie boots. He was in the restroom (I am assuming at the urinal) when one of the partners (different from above mentioned partner) walked in and stood next to him, or near him, I really didn't care for that detail. Anyway, as they were standing there, the partner looked over and said "What you got down there?" He was talking about the boots, but it totally (and rightfully so) freaked this guy out!
  • Does anyone else love the potty placemats as much as I do? I love that the restroom at my office provides a steady supply of these!
  • Oh, and I HATE when someone is in the restroom talking on their cell phone, NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE wants to hear the noises that could possibly come out of a place like that!

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