Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Razor Review

I decided on this post this morning while in the shower. I am an everyday shaver, so I feel like I have plenty of knowledge to write a review on this tool. I do this thing called the grocery game which is fabulous!

**Side Note** I have saved so much $$$ doing this. Point in case, I went to the store this weekend and had a basket full and only spent $81. When I looked at my receipt, it showed I had saved $75, that is 48%! If you sign up, make sure to put me as a reference, I get bonus points!

Okay, so because of this, I have purchased multiple brands of razors, most of the time for free. I started with the Gillette Venus, which I had had for a while. Then, I got a Bic Soleil for free (thanks to the game) and then a Shick Quatro, which is what I am using right now. So which do I think is the best......

The Gillette wins out over all of these! Why? Not sure exactly, might be personal preference, might just be good old days syndrome. But, I can tell you that the 4 blades of the Quatro, don't do a hill of beans. I have more missed strips on my legs using this razor and it doesn't move to fit the contour of the shapely chicken legs that I possess! I didn't hate the Soleil, but the moisture strip, or whatever it is called came off within the first week.

So, if you have the Gillette and are contemplating a switch, don't, its not worth it!


Tessie said...

I use the Venus razor (the pink one or whatever), but I buy *GASP* the cheap refills for it. REBEL!

I'm afraid to click on that grocery link. It's not about *RETCH* coupons, is it?

Erin said...

Yes, it is about coupons, but totally worth it. The Venus is pink, but the new ones are all different colors. Say it isn't so! We bought a huge package at Sam's, it only cost my right arm!

Tessie said...

I can't IMAGINE what a Sam's size package of the Venus razors would cost. The little 4-packs are traumatic enough. Did you have to leave SD there as payment?

Loni said...

If you go one step farther and buy the Venus Divine

The first one I got for free, then had $4.00 off coupons, and then they went on sale for $5.50 at WalMart.

It's gooey at first which grossed me out, but it is so worth it. Just don't leave it where it'll stay wet, or you'll lose all the (good) gooey stuff.

I heard that the grocery game is better for people who buy a lot of convenience foods. Do you buy a lot of those or do you find that to be true? Post about it!

Loni said...

Correction: It isn't the Venus Divine, it's the Venus Breeze.