Friday, September 14, 2007

What a Run

I decided to do my long run (7 miles) today since I am working from home (my SIL has her 2nd to last chemo treatment, praise God! and my MIL takes her). It was an awesome run, I think partially because I didn't decide that I was doing it until this morning, so I wasn't dreading it. Usually I do my long runs on Sunday, so I can have Saturday to just hang out with SD, but we are going to a party on Saturday night and SD is staying with Nana and Grandad, so I would be sad if I had to run by myself, not to mention, who knows what Saturday night will entail, but I digress. This is a little run down on what happened during our run:

  • We were running through a park area near our home and saw a lady get out of her car only to find that she had a flat tire. There were lots of runners and walkers around and this guy was running the opposite direction, he turned around and asked her if she needed help. As we were running off, we saw him help her change her tire, how nice is that!
  • Then, SD is fascinated by this book Clang Clang about a fire truck rescuing a kitty (BG usually changes this part of the story as he does not favor felines). Anyway, we were running down a pretty major street and SD got to see a fire truck in action, with all of the lights and sirens on and the firefighters waved at her! It was so much fun.
  • Things almost ended on a bad note when we (read I) saw two ladies running pushing a jog stroller with a baby younger than SD and she was skinny and fit looking, but don't worry, it didn't end here.
  • As we were walking back to our house (cool-down) our neighbor was outside working in her yard and we got to talk to her, she is a really nice lady and since we have recently moved, we don't know too many of our neighbors just yet. So, we got to chat with her and get all of the neighborhood gossip and history (she has been here since the beginning).

All that and to top it off, I didn't die running that long and the weather is very nice for a late morning run!


Tessie said...

Oh, man AD is getting TOO HEAVY now to take on long runs. Short runs, MAYBE.

Erin said...

My thought is if I take her on all of my long training runs, the half will be a breeze! Not to mention that I have to run hills all of the time because of the terain near my house, so the flat course in SA will make it a breeze!