Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radar Detectors

I was driving to work on Monday and saw what I would call a contradiction of sorts. In my opinion, a radar detector is 1) totally high school 2) for people with a lead foot and/or 3)pretty much useless. I had a radar detector at one point (high school) and in my mind, the point of it was to alert you when there was a cop so that you can check your speed and hopefully prevent yourself from getting a speeding ticket. The problem is, that by the time the radar detector picks up the radar, it is usually too late (not to mention totally obvious when you slam on your breaks) to avoid getting a ticket. So, here is the contradiction....As I was driving to work, I was stuck behind a long line of cars, the lead slow-poke being the problem. We were all stuck behind him because it was a one lane road on a bridge, with no room to pass. So as the road turned and widened, there was opportunity to pass. There was an immediate gunning of engines and people desperately trying to pass him, me included. As I passed the car, I noticed it was an older couple and there was a radar detector on the dash. Did he REALLY need that? What, to avoid getting a ticket for going too slow! It made me giggle on my commute, so it was worth it!


Tessie said...

It IS high school! I didn't know they even MADE those anymore.

Crave The Word said...

That was one of my jokes.."I have a radar detector because I drive so slow. It helps me know when to speed up!"

Maybe Steven Wright used this joke. Never had a radar because I follow all rules....if I'm paying attention.

Woz said...

Sorry girls.....I love radar detectors. And yes, I have a lead foot!

Two Points to Note:
1) If you are on roads with other people travelling on them at the same time, and a cop radars anyone else, you will pick up the signal and can slow down by the time you come across the pig. However, you are correct, if a pig is doing random spot checks and you are the only one he zaps or the road isn't long sucker!, you are BUSTED!!!

2) The trick is not to slam on your breaks. If driving a standard you slam it down a gear and slow down quite quickly without the need for breaks. You can also do this in an automatic.

But, I don't have a radar detector....for that matter, I don't have a CAR! Tubes are so damn inconsistent I can run home in the same amount of time it takes me to get home on the tube.