Thursday, October 18, 2007

What do you think?

Isn't it funny what other people think or perceive about you. Is it because of what I do or say that people have these ideas about me? What is it that gives off these impressions. These are some examples:

1. A girl at work came up to me giggling the other day saying that Misty quoted me by saying "Really? Seriously?" I didn't even realize that I said this that often, but evidently I do, I caught myself saying it today.

2. When I first met my husband's parents his mom fixed dinner. Well, they were having steaks, but evidently he thought I didn't eat red meat, so she cooked and ENTIRE bag of chicken "for me." The steaks looked so good, but I knew I had to eat the chicken. My FIL still thinks I am a vegetarian, how he gets that from preferring chicken, I am not really sure.

3. Along those same lines, my BF Lindsay, thought the same thing. We were babysitting together in HS and finding food to eat in the refrigerator and she started snacking on some steak, offered me a piece and then said, oh wait, you don't eat steak.

4. A guy I work with, well his wife runs too, and he was telling her that I run and that we should run together since we live close. She assumed that I ran fast, no, I don't, a 10 minute mile, that is not fast. This is not the first time this has happened either.

5. I walked into church one morning holding a Diet Soda and my friend was shocked because she thought I only drank water.

6. My cousin-in-law or whatever you would call her, assumed that I always have my house spic and span, etc. Now this one, well it is relatively true, at least more true than the others, but I am not June Cleaver! (and my MIL helps a lot by doing pretty much all of the laundry and ironing)

7. Oh, and the funniest is my boss, when I brought SD up to the office, he said "She is relaxed like her Mom" I was like, excuse me, RELAXED, ME??? You can't be serious. My former boss (Stacy) said the same thing about me. How funny!!! I can promise you that Tessie, Carla and BG would tell you differently.

Now, in their defense, I do eat mainly chicken and I drink mostly water, but it is funny that people see those as absolutes because that is how they see me most of the time.

So, your job, comment on what you think about me and I will give a rebuttal if you are way off base!


The MAN Fan Club said...

"Homer, would you like to offer your rebuttal?"

As he drops his pants, "With pleasure."

Hope all is well.

Becca in Texas said...

Well I am sure I did not think you ONLY drank water. It is just that I had never seen you without it on a Sunday before. Normally Sunday morning has you with your trusty pink water bottle in hand.

Tessie said...

COMMENT ON WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU? Oh, no. That is a trap.

Seriously, though (you DO say seriously a lot, SO DO I). I think the food and running stuff mostly has to do with the fact that you project a certain aura of healthiness. I get the same thing about running, many nonrunners think that everyone who runs on a regular basis is clocking like six minute miles. Not about the food though, since I mostly project an aura of "I will eat or drink pretty much anything, at any time".

As for you being relaxed, I don't know what to say about that. Maybe it's relative?

Sunshine said...

I have seen you eat and drink a variety of things so I definitely wouldn't say you only drink water and eat chicken.

Since I've gone running with you before and could actually keep up (granted you had recently had SD) I figure you run about as fast as I do, not exactly Olympic qualifying. But, as Tessie said, you do project an aura of healthiness.

I actually laughed out loud that you didn't realize that you said "seriously" that much =)

miss you!

Erin said...

You know what is funny about me projecting an aura of healthiness, I think I am far from it. For example, I ate Taco Bueno the other day, followed by Marble Slab! I got all my food groups in, veges (guacamole & salsa), dairy (cheese & ice cream) and fried!