Friday, October 12, 2007

OCD at it's Finest

Does this bother anyone else? In our new house, our bedroom furniture is in a different arrangement than it was in our last house, go figure, since it is a different house. We of course, being the typical accountants that we are, kept our same side of the bed (if we didn't, I think I would have to breathe into a bag). But now, the dressers are on the wrong side of the room. BG's dresser is now closer to my side of the bed, and my dresser is on his side. A normal person would probably change dressers, or say, "Does it really need to be close to your side of the bed? It is not like you need to change clothes in the middle of the night." But it just bothers me. That is all for now!


Tessie said...

That is bothersome. Only a GUY would say switch dressers. WHATEVER. I need about twice the dresser space.

Woz said...

Make your husband move them around. That's what I would do. It would drive me nuts as well. need space? Trying living in a ridiculously expensive closet for 2.5 years of which, despite the best intentions, you still collect stuff.