Friday, November 9, 2007


My friends Shannon and Tessie were giving me a hard time about not blogging in a while, so here is my explanation as to WHY!

It all started last Wednesday, Halloween. My mom came in town to see SD in all her pumpkin regalia and participate in the fun. She was here through the weekend, during which time we visited Canton. We stayed the night there on Saturday and came back Sunday mid-day. I was EXHAUSTED, why you ask? Well, SD, who normally is a very good sleeper, decided that sleeping was not the thing to do. She was up having all sorts of nightmares at odd hours and I was getting NO sleep! Then, I get back Sunday night and my dumb dog, the big black one, walks out of our bathroom with the roach trap in her mouth. (We had another roach incident, so BG put out multiple layers of defense). I freaked out because, oh I don't know, she was eating POISON! I looked on the Internet, thank God for the Internet, and found that I was supposed to make her drink Hydrogen Peroxide to make her puke. I got the bottle and proceeded to force it down her mouth and what did the dumb dog do, she licked her chops, I am guessing that she liked the way the bubbles felt on her gums.

So, needless to say, I was ready to jump off the High-Five! But now, my fun continued. I got to drive 4 hours in the car with my mom to SA for Kappa event! Actually, I got to just be the passenger and the break from my normal life was much needed! Not to mention, the luncheon was fun and the speaker (who sat at my table and signed my book) was way cute and fun! I got back Tuesday night and have been playing catch-up at work ever since. Oh, and good time to take some time off, we are implementing a new accounting system and I am in charge, on top of my "daily activities."

Actually, it is not all that bad, but I think it makes a dang good excuse, don't you?


carla said...

I hope the doggie is ok....did the hydrogen peroxide work? I had to try that with one of mine once (any guesses which one???) and it didn't work.

Good to hear from you again!!!

Tessie said...

Jager ate an ant trap once and (obviously) lived to tell the tale. But then he's also eaten pool shock before with no apparent ill effects so who knows.

That girl just SCREAMS Kappa, doesn't she? Good times.

Shannon said...

Good times with the dogs.....i'm not sure if its better or worse, but Mitsy has a thing about eating her own $hit and then OBVIOUSLY puking later one. Lovely.......

I'll let your slackness in blogging slide this time! ;-)