Thursday, November 8, 2007

SD's Arrival

My friend Shannon is giving me a hard time about not posting in a while, so...Tessie posted on her daughter's birth and asked others to do the same, so I thought I would use her for material. Even though Tessie already knows my story, here it is...

SD was late! I totally thought she was going to be early, because I was HUGE!!! I don't think you understand the kind of huge I am talking about. I am a tall girl, of average weight, on the thin side I would say. I gained somewhere between 50 and 60 pounds when I was pregnant. And, about 90% of that weight was ALL BELLY! So, now you have somewhat of a mental image of what I looked like. My friends would actually tell me that I looked like I was in pain since I was so big, but actually, my pregnancy was relatively uneventful and normal. I ran until I was 30 weeks and only stopped because of some spotting. I ate the food I normally ate, although I did drink real Root Beer because I give up caffeine while I am pregnant.

So anyway, back to SD. The weekend before I was due, I was at a cook-off with my husband, mind you SD was born in June, so it was HOT. I was out there all day and as we were waiting for the judging, I started having contractions and felt like crap. I kept thinking, this is it, I am finally going into labor. Turns out, this was a false alarm, I was dehydrated like no other and as soon as I drank a colossal ton of water, and got out of the Texas sun, the contractions went away. Then I went in for my appointment on my due date and I was a tight one still. They had already separated my membrane on two occasions (disgusting, I know) and still I wasn't progressing. So, I went in to be induced the next evening. They did all the inducing stuff and I did start to go into labor, it was slow at first, but then it was happening pretty fast. My water broke and they checked me and there was muconium (?sp), which could only mean that SD's little bottom was down. Little booger, her head had been down the previous morning, so the little toot had gotten mad that they were trying to force her out, turned around and attempted to climb back up! Needless to say, I ended up with a C-section. I had heard horror stories upon horror stories about C-sections, but mine was nothing but uneventful. It was no big deal, I was out walking with SD within the week and was running again when she was about 5 weeks old! So, if you have to have a C-section, I am telling you, it is not that big of a deal!

The cool thing is, now that number 2 is on the way, I have a planned C-Section. My doctor said it will be a breeze! I will check-in and they will have the baby out and in my arms in 30 minutes! No pushing, no contractions, nothing! Woo-hoo!


Tessie said...

Yay! I'm glad you wrote this down!

You were not "huge". You looked totally normal.

The planned C-section sounds pretty sweet.

Kristi M said...

I have one due in April. Its a girl!!

Woz said...

Thanks for FINALLY blogging again! ;-)

Planned C-section does sound pretty sweet to me.

But....still scared. I think I have tokophobia. Google that one....why doncha!

Loni said...

When are you due?