Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pet Peeves

I was walking through our neighborhood the other morning when I saw one of my huge pet peeves, so I thought it would make great blog material. Plus, it is a warning for those of you who I know, so that you won't offend me in the slightest :)

In no particular order:
1. The toilet seat being up. I do not want to see where my (or anyone else's for that matter) bodily waste goes for a brief moment before it is flushed into the Gulf of Mexico. My MIL is at our house during the day with SD and constantly leaves it up, as with my mom when she visits and pretty much everyone else who comes into my house.
2. On that same note, the toilet paper should be put on so that the free flap of paper comes over the top. It is easier to find and easier to roll.
3. Fake flowers, they are NOT, I repeat are NOT supposed to be "planted." Not in the ground, not in pots, NO WHERE. I hate to break it to you people, but they DO NOT look real, they just don't. You can't tell that they are 8 shades brighter than anything else that you put in your yard, it is a dead giveaway people!
4. People calling you and not leaving a message. My sister is infamous for this, she NEVER leaves messages. My rule is this, if you don't leave a message, it must not be important enough to call you back, so I don't. Yes, I can see that you called on caller id or that I missed a call, but I am going to assume that you don't want me to call you back or you would have left a message saying just that.
5. People not RSVPing. It is just plain rude! Do you think it is on invitations for fun? To take up space? No, it is on there so that the host can plan accordingly. Of course they want you to be there or else they would have not invited you, but they would also like to have enough beer for you when you arrive, so RSVP!
6. On to the kitchen, SHUT CABINETS. Really, my guess is that you were not born in a barn or in a house that contained ghosts that close the cabinets for you. It is especially annoying when the cabinet is half closed, how much effort would it really have taken to give it a little extra nudge? At my workplace, there are lots of boys, they don't close cabinets all of the way. Okay, so I don't know it is them, but the odds are stacked against them.

That is all I can think of for now, I am sure there are more, after all, I am OCD!

Please, comment on what are your pet peeves.


Tessie said...

I don't see anything totally out of hand here. I don't believe I've ever seen fake flowers planted in a yard, although maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

JMC said...

In #1, you mean the lid or the seat? The lid I couldn't care less about, but the seat bugs me, particularly in the middle of the night when it leaves open the possibility of falling in, and there are 5 girls here and one boy, so PUT IT DOWN!

You can have it that way in #2 with kids? Impressive. If I have it that way, the baby just spins it all off onto the floor. The other way, it doesn't come off like that.

I've seen the fake flowers thing, but I just think, "Meh, it's not MY yard."

Erin said...

Tess - There are some in your fair bergh, on a major road, the stuck poinsetta stems near a big oak tree in the middle of the road, hideous!

JMC - I mean everything down! My hubby even does a great job of this. And yes, little SD has tried once or twice, but gotten a smack on the hand so doesn't do it anymore and she is at the ripe age to do it!

LoriD said...

Hee. I do tend to leave all the kitchen cupboards open when I'm working in there. Drives my husband nuts. When I'm done they all get closed, so what's the problem?!

The MAN Fan Club said...

The toilet seat or the toilet LID? I usually just put the whole thing down if I am in public. At home I just sit down and pee so there is never an issue. No, really I put the seat part down ALL THE TIME. I never leave it up.

Pet peeves: out of order newspapers, people not using blinkers, weights being left on equipment at the gym, etc.

Anonymous said...

Cabinet doors....always open! But can't stand the laundry room and pantry door open!
By the way, I got your message while at a friend's house but it was so long! I didn't want to be rude. I will listen tomorrow. I think I left the phone at school today-get rid of caller id and you won't know anyone even called....I like to be a hermit!

Mama said...

Fake flowers planted! SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

I'm with you on the RSVPs. Grrr.