Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Trailer Heights Thanksgiving

So, I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving last week. Thankfully, I didn't have to do much if any of the cooking. My MIL cooked ferociously at my house all last week, making pies, cookies, gravy, ham, salads, etc. And all that attended were required to bring a dish before being granted entrance into my humble abode! Aunt Carol brought dressing and home made mac 'n cheese and an assortment of baked goods. Some friends came bringing yummy rolls and squash boats. To say we had a plethora of food would be a total understatement, I think we could have fed a small country. Oh, and the leftovers, they are still flowing. My refrigerator was overflowing and I just couldn't bring myself to eat any of it until Sunday, I needed time for the triptofan to wear off! So, why do I call it a Trailer Heights Thanksgiving you might ask? Well, because I married two styles, my Alamo Heights upbringing with frugality and necessity. I busted out ALL of my silver and crystal serving pieces, some of which still had the cards with them, from when we got married (6 years ago) that I have never used! Then, you ask, what made it so trailer-ish? We ate off of paper plates and drank out of Styrofoam cups.

But you know, it really doesn't matter. I am pretty sure that everyone had a good time and left at least 15 pounds heavier than when they arrived. At least if they didn't have a good time, they didn't tell me! So now that I am a viable hostess, we will be hosting a Christmas get together for BG's family as well, polish up the silver and stock up on some Chinette!


Tessie said...

Everything looked great! Paper plates are the only way to go. You can't be washing all those dishes, that is ridiculous.

Woz said...

I'm with Tess.....paper plates are THE WAY to go when having a large gathering. Washing dishes for a large event is NO FUN.

Plus....at least you got the good kind of paper plates (chinette)...that is kinda Alamo Heightsish. Those are sturdy, don't leak, you can cut on them, etc. It sucks BIG TIME when people get those little flimsy things and you have to take like 4 plates to keep it from bending in half and all of your food from falling on the floor.

carla said...

Glad it went well!! And yeah, I am totally on board with paper plates with as many people as you had over!!