Thursday, December 13, 2007

2:30 in the Morning

So, SD woke up last night in the middle of the night. Not sure exactly why, but she woke up screaming. I let her cry for a little bit and then went in there to get her and rock her. She sleeps with "Ba-bu" which is her lovey bunny and we cover her up with two blankets that she has had since she was born. All of a sudden she has become attached to these two blankets. She has been carrying them out of her crib in the mornings and wanted to take them with her to see Santa. BG says it is probably because we took away the pacifier. Anyway, when I went in there to rock her last night, she was standing in her crib at the rail, holding "Ba-bu" in one hand and her two blankets in the other. I picked her up and she had a total death grip on those blankets! When I put her back down, I had to pry them out of her hand to cover her up with them. It is pretty cute that she is attached to them! I guess those won't be shared with Linus!


Tessie said...

AD is obsessed with her blankies too. We have to sneak them away from her before we leave for school, otherwise she's all MINE! MIIIIIIINNNEEE!

Erin said...

I evidently used to say that all of the time!!!!

Tessie said...

She's extremely bossy now. She's all "MINE! SIT DOWN! NO-NO!". And so on.

Woz said... neice Macy was that way as a toddler as well. I think it was just a security and comfort thing. I should dig out pictures of her where she truly does look like linus with this blanket dragging behind her. It really is cute.

Anyhow, I think my SIL did a good job with handling it. Her opinion was that if it was comforting to her, than let her have it. However, as she got older and it wasn't appropriate for her to be hauling it around, they cut a strip off the edge of it and she would carry that little strip wherever she went. By having the little strip she could still feel that same material, as the "touching" sense is very strong in small children, but not look inappropriate. And eventually, she left even the strip behind all on her own.

Sunshine said...

okay, so the last blog i read was about sd being attached to her hats and then there's a cute picture of her with santa and now all of a sudden YOU'RE PREGNANT!! just because you move doesn't mean you get to cut me out of the loop! so anyway, all that aside, CONGRATULATIONS! i can't wait to find out what linus is =)