Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas has Arrived

I like to use the term that Christmas has puked all over something when decorations have found their way into every nook and cranny! Well, that was this weekend for our house! We got down all of the boxes, weeded through the decorations and put everything up, inside and out! It was fun and challenging to decorate a different house, but pretty much everything found a place. It was kind of like Christmas, because I had gotten three new Heartwood Creek figures (I have started collecting these and I LOVE them!!!) since last Christmas, that I hadn't really opened to see exactly what they looked like. SD even has a mini tree in her bedroom and both the hall bath and her bath are decorated as well. Christmas did not make it into the master bedroom, I guess that means that we will just have to buy more stuff! Enjoy!

The mantle where all of my Heartwood Creek Figures live. The wiseman in the center were the start of the obsession and it has grown. BG gives me at least one a year and so does his mom. And of course I have them for other holidays!!

Christmas Tree

Our Sofa table with yearly Christmas Pictures

BG did a great job hanging the lights, and they are kind of hard to see, but we have cute mini-trees on either side of our door.
Our wood figures, we actually made these ourselves! We had a pattern, don't worry, we are not THAT creative!

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Wonder Woman said...

There's a little consignment store in Richardson off Custer and Arapaho that have TONS of Heartwood whatever thingies in there. Cheap, cheap. FYI.

Miss you, love you.