Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it a Ferry or an Ark?

So in true OCD fashion, I was picking up SD's playroom the other night and putting the toys exactly as I put them every night, in their appropriate baskets, shelves, etc. You know, their homes! So, I looked and saw that her car basket was empty (she has these little chubby cars that my mom gave her and she LOVES). I looked down, and low and behold, they were stuffed in the ark. Yes, she had filled Noah's ark not only with the animals (2 of each) but was also using to serve the purpose of a Ferry. I went and showed it to my husband and he started laughing. He then proceeded to tell me that the other day, she did the same thing and then took the cars out, leaving the animals, because she knows that the animals stay in there, but the cars were just using it as temporary transportation. Here are pictures, pretty funny!

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Tessie said...

I'm surprised she could get those in there! That must have been quite the project!