Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Have you ever tried to find any of your old classmates on any of those sites? I haven't but mainly because since I grew up in a select area, I pretty much know what everyone is doing, where they are, etc. But, this got me thinking.... I had two best friends in HS, Lindsay and Erin (and we had the same initials, ES). I still keep in touch with Lindsay, pretty much daily we talk, thank you Sprint to Sprint! Erin, I don't really talk to very much, but I keep up with her through occasional emails, and reading her blog.

Anyway, I was thinking the other day about the three of us, interestingly enough, we are all three married, Erin and Lindsay have two kids and I am close to having two, all of which are relatively close in age. So, I started thinking about their lives and my life and if it was different from what I thought we would be doing or have done. For example, Erin and I were both very career focused, or so it seemed. Lindsay always knew she wanted to be a teacher, and sure enough she became one. Erin is incredibly smart and I thought she would be a doctor or a lawyer, or something like that. I am not sure what her degree was in, but she ended up doing missionary work in the DR where she met her husband. The weird part about this, is that if I had to put a bet, back in HS, who would be a stay at home mom, it would not be Erin, I would put Lindsay first, then me, then Erin, but who stays at home, Erin.

On a more individual note, Lindsay was very involved in all sorts of Christian groups in HS, we all attended church, but Lindsay seemed to have a more personal relationship, at least than I did. Lindsay actually had a big part in leading me to a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but now, it seems like Erin and I are more involved in church than Lindsay is. Not saying that Lindsay is not an active Christian, but she does not go to church regularly. I do think it is still a big part of her life, she just doesn't have a church family, like I had before we moved and I am assuming Erin does by the way she writes.

On an athletic front, I would vote for ME as the least athletic. Erin was in basketball, Lindsay was in Tennis and me, well, I was on dance team! But, Lindsay and I have run marathons and half marathons (another thing Lindsay got me in to), not sure if Erin has, but she would be the person out of the three of us that I would have thought would do that, you should see her legs!!! I think we are all happy with our lives, and I definitely believe that we are all doing what God had planned for us, but somethings seem so different than how I would have guessed in HS. Do you have any friends/situations like this?


Tessie said...

That's the cool thing about long-term friendships, things never turn out the way you think they will.

I know what a lot of people are doing too since my mom still lives in my hometown and collects all the local gossip (I know your mom does too).

I found out that one of my good friends from HS is gay, that's the most surprising thing I can think of right now.

RDC Mom said...

Erin, you are the best! Love this post! I love all your posts! I can't believe how similar we are!

Erin (the other ES!)