Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Christmas Hangover?

Do you have a Christmas Hangover today? Not the kind caused from alcohol, the kind caused by a day full of activities. I sure do! I wanted to be home today, to watch SD play with all of her new toys, and to spend time with my hubby! We had a phenominal Christmas and to say we are blessed is an understatement. It was so much fun watching and helping SD open her gifts, she really enjoyed it. I guess it is probably good that I am not at home, I think SD had a total hangover as well! She did not sleep well (HUGE understatement) last night, she was pretty much up from 1:15 to 4:30. She is tired and was somewhat cranky when I left for work. Not to mention, work is actually soothing right now, the phone is not ringing, no one is really here, I am getting a lot of stuff done, etc. It will make me feel good to come back in the new year and have a somewhat clean plate. But, I do want to be at home!

So, what did I get, SD get, etc. for Christmas. Well....
I got some Heartwood Creek stuff, which you know I love, I also got some prayer journal refills, and an organization system from my hubby to put over my scrapbook table, to be filled with all sorts of goodies. He has even already put it up and the playroom looks so much nicer! I also got a broomvac, exercise stuff and scrapbook GC. And, we are not done yet, we still get to visit my family in SA this weekend!

SD, well she raked it in!!! She got so much stuff. From us and Santa she got a Cookie Monster doll, a learning puppy thing, clothes and books. At my inlaws she got a shopping cart with food, an Elmo vacuum, a broom, clothes, a music set, a firetruck, a see & say, a baby doll that she has yet to put down (didn't even want to let it go for bathtime), and a toolbench. She also got a table and chairs set and a bookcase/toybox from my mom that got delivered to our house. She is going to get even more toys when we go to SA, good thing I cleaned out her toys and moved some back in the nursery for the baby!


Tessie said...

Definite hangover. Blerg. You can tell the kids feel it too.

BroomVac! I need one of those! How does it work?

AD got a table and chairs set too. Now she is constantly all "SIT DOWN MAMA!"

Becca in Texas said...

My house looks like Christmas exploded in it. But its a good feeling. The boys are taking the longest nap ever right now. Their hangover is not yet over.