Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baboo is Missing, Again!

Let me set the stage, I was getting SD ready for bed and we were looking for Baboo, her bunny lovey who we have lost once before, never to be found again. Thankfully when we lost Baboo the first time, we ordered two, one for her to use and one as a backup. We rotate them as we change her sheets so that they are both loved and worn with consistency. Kid you not, this is the conversation I just had with my 19 month old.

Me: Where is Baboo?

SD: Hiding (are you kidding, how does she know this word much less concept to be able to use it correctly)

Me: Where is Baboo hiding?

SD: Hiding

At this point, SD starts looking under the chairs and couches, she know exactly what hiding is, she even looked behind the cushions of the couch.

After looking around the house for about 10 minutes, I finally went in her room and pulled out the spare Baboo.

SD: There he is.

Seriously, she is only 19 months old!!! I was amazed to say the least!

I am off to see if I can find Baboo in his hiding place!


Tessie said...

I guess that means SHE hid him? Heh. That is funny. He's probably IN THE TOILET or something.

Erin said...

Baboo is now found! He was under all of her books, so I found him when I cleaned up the playroom. On a somewhat related note, is it wrong that Baboo is a he and is pink?

Cindy Beall said...

Too cute. I just love kids.