Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pregnancy Update, Part Four

I went to the dr. today for my monthly appointment and it was shocking! Brace yourselves for this news, I gained 8 pounds! You read that correctly, I gained more weight in the last month than I have my entire pregnancy. The good news is that I have only gained a total of 13, which compared to my total weight gain last time, is not that bad (I stopped counting at 60). Plus, you always have one month where you gain a lot, I am going to tell myself that this was my month! I only have 3.5 months left!!! Yippeee!!! Dr. said we should plan on Linus making his scheduled appearance around the 20th or 21st of May. He did another sonogram and Linus is still very much a boy! SD is getting prepared for having a new baby in the house, she has even been putting her dolls in the swing and pushing them, it is pretty cute.

Unfortunately the doctor said I could help paint SD's big girl room, so I guess that is what BG and I will be doing over the next couple of months. Her room is going to be a cowgirl room that is pink and brown, how stinkin cute is that! Linus gets to keep SD's adorable antique nursery rhyme room and then maybe when he gets big enough he can have a cowboy room to match big sister's.

I also asked the Dr. about permanent BC, he said no big deal! It won't increase my recovery time and it is a smart decision since they will already be in there. Now we just have to decide if we are 100% sure that we are done blessing this earth with mini BGs. Please pray for wisdom and guidance on this, we are pretty sure, but not 100%. The pros and cons.... I will save that for another blog, I have to have material!


Tessie said...

ACK! This is a big decision. Gives me the nervous tummy. I want to hear the pros and cons!

Also, Linus's name! COME ON!

carla said...

Glad your appointment went well!!!

That sounds so cute for SD's room!! Please post a picture when its done!!!

I second Tess - the name??? Please, don't do this to all of us again! :-)

Wow! That is definitely a big decision to make right now!! I definitely need to hear the pros and cons.

Loni said...

You and BG are in my prayers. I second your friends above...before and after room pictures, a list of pros and cons. It would be nice to hear his name, but if you want to save it till birth I totally support you on that!

Erin said...

Linus's name cometh soon! Pros and Cons, maybe today, if not tomorrow. I have a way cute post for today!

Becca in Texas said...
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Becca in Texas said...

Oh the decision about BC. My IUD is up this month, I have to go and decide what to do. Snip Snip for Love, I think =)